Printer Leasing

Printer Leasing can be an excellent choice for efficient use of your company assets. Kopikat proudly works with Grenke Ireland, and we have been doing so for a very long time.

Printer Leasing with Grenke

“Since 1978, GRENKE has been partnering with businesses to help them grow through smart finance solutions. Freeing up your capital with leasing or improving your cash flow through Invoice Finance factoring. In addition, as we are bank- and vendor-independent our advice is impartial – giving you the comfort of getting the right advice for your business. We pride ourselves on a fast, simple and personal service – allowing you to do what’s best for your company to grow.”

Printer Leasing Terms

We can cater for various lease durations with the most common being 13 quarters or 21 quarters in length. We do not use balloon payments or convoluted terms and conditions, preferring to make transparency in finance our priority.

At the end of your lease term

We try to keep things as mercurial as possible, so at the end of your lease you will have 3 options:

  1. Upgrade the machine for the newest version and ensure you are up to date with the greatest and most reliable machines.
  2. “Buyout” your lease for an agreed percentage of the original lease value, leaving you with ownership of the printer/copier.
  3. Return the printer back to the leasing company.
    (Nobody tends to choose option 3!)

After 3, 4 or 5 years you will (theoretically!) trust our judgment on which plan suits you best for the future.

Contact us

Feel free to  get in touch for more details about Ricoh printer leasing or call us directly:


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Your benefits with Grenke Leasing at a glance
Purchasing outright ties up much needed capital that could be used elsewhere. Leasing allows you to maximise your funds and upgrade your business requirements.

  • Fast turnaround time – 20-minute credit decisions
  • 100% finance on assets – no upfront payment required
  • Payment within 24 hours
  • Local teams – offices and sales team throughout Ireland giving you personal support
  • Independence – bank- and vendor-independent – your business, your choice
  • Maximum flexibility – free up much needed cash to retain your liquidity for further investments
  • Simple, fast processes
  • eSignature – secure, fast and convenient
  • Customer online portal – secure and personal for your convenience