Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services and being in control

Managed print services take many shapes and forms, with different Irish print companies all suggesting different approaches to the subject. In reality the only honest way to keep control of your printing is:

  1. Finance your multifunction printer whatever way you like, ie:
    • Outright purchase
    • Lease over three years or over five years
  1. Agree a fair cost per page with your supplier. The total maintenance cost of the multifunction printer will include:
    • Inks
    • Parts
    • Labour
    • Initial setup
    • Support along the way

3 Pitfalls in Managed Print Services

  1. Convoluted contracts which not only tie in clients’ finance of the machine, but also commit clients to a set amount of “service charges” years in advance
  2. Being prescribed to a set amount of colour and black and white prints to be ‘included’ in the price of the machine. This one is difficult because a ‘uniform monthly amount to be paid’ is an accountants dream, but clients will always end up paying for something they do not use.
  3. Not demanding a warranty of 3-5 years, depending on machine size. If this is not in writing anywhere, it is highly probable that the multifunction printer which clients are being prescribed will not have the suitable capabilities for what they need.

What our Managed Print Services mean for your business

In an ideal world, the best thing a printer or multifunction device can do is sit in the corner and work properly all day every day. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world and this is where our Managed Print Services come in. It is designed to save you time, money and heartache.

Agreed cost per page

It is based upon you paying an agreed cost per page (which we will commit to not changing after a few years – more than we can say for what is regular in the market). This cost per page will include: – all inks, – all parts, – all labor, – all set up and – all support as required.

Printer(s) running smooth

Unlike common practices, selling Multifunction printers in the Irish market, we will only ever use Ricoh brand inks and parts (no generic inks!). Our one of a kind service package means that your printer will always run as smoothly as a printer possibly can.

Managed Print services, the personal way

Our first step in a managed print services consultation is as much to find out about whether we would be a good fit for your company or not, so as not to delve excessively into product. When we quote it is because we have found out straight from the horse’s mouth what is needed. Depending on what a client’s existing set-up entails, we can either handle the entire IT set up process or liaise with the existing suppliers to ensure a swift transition. We then meet as often as necessary with our partners to ensure that our system is working the way it should.

Our promise to you and your business

We pride ourselves on providing the best managed print service in Ireland, and our key promises to you and your company include:

  • When you call our office you are greeted by a human, not an answering machine
  • We will only ever bill you in arrears on exactly what you have done. It is the fairest way – you cannot predict how your company will look in 5 years, so we sure can’t.
  • We will always endeavor to get to you as quick as possible when you call for a service (our average Dublin call-out time is below 3 hours).

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