Managed Print Services St. Michael's House

24 years, a lot can change in 17 years, but our first class service for this special organization, and the importance it holds for us goes far beyond our standard business relationship.

Going back as far as summer 1992, Claire in the old HQ in Goatstown used to get serious enjoyment out of a “Kopikat Ice Cream Visit” of a summer’s afternoon, and Jim McKeown (now retired) was awfully fond of chat with our Pat. That is the kind of relationship this is.

From one machine in the Goatstown office to what is now a network of 26 machines across 19 St. Michael’s House centres. Some of these “hubs” include:

4 machines in the new head office in Ballymun (new is a bit of stretch considering how long they have been there, but that’s how far we go back!).

SMH is a wonderful example of anther symbiotic relationship between Kopikat and a razor-sharp I.T. team. Kopikat take care of hardware maintenance across the board, meanwhile Christian and his team in I.T. take care of connectivity and security.

“St. Michaels House is a long standing customer of Kopikat’s, with a growing number of machines from them. My experience of working with them is a very positive one – always prompt and thorough in their response to our service calls and delivered in a pleasant, friendly manner.

Pat, Tom, Eamon and the team fully understand the nature of our business and the important need for a good reliable service in the area of photocopying and printing. They are also always very supportive to our fundraising initiatives when we seek their assistance.”

Jim McCaughey
Finance Manager
St. Michaels House